Hard Case Titans of rock «Heavy Metal»

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In the life of a real rocker everything possible can happen, and among this force majeures and sudden adventures, the fall of the phone is probably the most inconsiderable and harmless accident. But anyway, a deplorable one. This is why we decided to guard you at least from it and created a cool, powerful and solid hard case of titanium that will take care of the protection of your smartphone. This exemplar is decorated in the best tradition of hard rock – the artificial onyx, metal, titanium and the daring image of the rocker skull. Show your character!


  • image

    Bas-relief/coat of arms/logo:

    Relief shield with a deadman. Tempered titanium.
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    Cover :

    Back cover is made of tempered titanium of DIN 3.7145 grade.
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    Caviar plate:

    Hand-made engraving of Caviar logo. Tempered titanium.
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    Plate: :

    Plate with hand-made engraving of "Heavy Metal" inscription. Tempered titanium.
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    Back panel: :

    Artificial onyx with the finest finish

What is in the box

image In a luxurious original Caviar case. Coating material- "Black velvet".

There you will find:

  • Your Caviar IPhone Case
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Warranty certificate.
$1 600