Viking Rurik Titan

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While creating the phone that looks like a sword of Scandinavian Vikings, we were thinking that nothing passes into nothingness, everything returns spiraling its way. That’s why, when taking this phone into your hands, you experience the feelings that left a trace in your DNA hundreds of years ago. The premiere by Caviar – the Tsarphone – is a revival of the classical postulates in the design and equipment of luxurious phones. The first models created in this conception, became the designs inspired by the swords of the first Vikings who established their power in Russia and first of all designers were thinking about Rurik who had all the power in his hand in Russia.

When the phone comes into your hand like a sword handle, the memory of the mankind starts working – something much bigger than a private history of each of us.

The strict, masculine, cured, spectacular design of the pulled hexagonal body impresses with its laconic elegance put in the tandem of the luxury of black alligator leather and confidence of hardened titanium.

The well-thought, detailed design draws your attention to the fine geometry and relief on the “hand set” facets like on a handle of a Scandinavic sword, mirror-like surface of titanium, the perfection of the exotic leather and delicacy of the flexible keyboard.

The Tsar-phone is the first in the phone hierarchy, unrivaled, the highest, marvelous, majestic, martial, the best.


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    Polished titanium BT1-0 with anticorrosion characteristics, a number of the limited edition is engraved on the side facet, Tapisserie guilloche
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    Gorilla Glass
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    Back panel:

    Natural alligator leather. Caviar brand sign (titanium), PVD covering

What is in the box

Product information

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    Operation system:

    Series 40 5TH Edition, Feature Pack 1
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    Dimensions and Memory:

    Memory: 1 GB, 32 MB RAM. Dimensions: 144x50x12 mm.
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    Communication standard & Internet:

    GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, UMTS (WCDMA), 3G
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    Bluetooth, Camera 2 Mp, micro-USB 2.0
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    Li-ion, 830 MAH, Standby time - 300 h, Talk time: - 5.5 h
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    Contacts in the phone book:

$1 800 $1 440