The Russian luxury accessories brand Caviar has depicted the loudest event of recent months - the US elections. They have put a precious hourglass on the new iPhone 12 Pro called Sands of Time.

The Russian brand Caviar, known all over the world for its exclusive designs of smartphones and accessories, could not stay away from the great event - the elections in the United States. The company created a design for the iPhone 12 Pro Sands of Time with a precious hourglass and bas-relief portraits of candidates, showing how the era of Trump was replaced by the era of Democrats and Biden.

The case of the phone, made of durable titanium, is decorated with an image of the American flag; it is engraved with 50 stars and 7 stripes. The central elements of the exclusive model are an hourglass with genuine 750 gold sand and bas-relief portraits of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, enclosed under the protective glass of the watch.

This is not just a functional smartphone, but a luxurious and meaningful symbol of the century.

Time is gold. Everyone can experience it with the iPhone 12 Pro Sands of Time.

The edition is limited to 46 pieces, by the number of presidents in the US history.

The cost of the model is 14 900 $ .