Caviar introduced a new line of Apple accessories crafted from apple tree wood featuring two iPhones 12 Pro and three iPads Pro engraved with quotes from Tim Cook and Steve Jobs. The most exclusive and expensive model sells at almost 190 000 USD.

The jewel of the collection is the iPad Pro decorated with 81 diamonds and featuring memorable quotes from Apple leaders Steve Jobs and Tim Cook. The quotes are engraved on the body of more than one kg of 18 karat gold. An apple tree made of pure gold on the background of tempered and darkened apple tree wood decorates the top of the device. Due to a high sophistication of its design, there will be only one such iPad produced. The selling price for this pinnacle of jewelry craftmanship is 185 000 USD.

The devices in the Golden Apple line will be decorated with golden apple trees spanning across a wooden background. Each tree will have an engraving with the famous quote from Steve Jobs – ‘Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition’.

The iPhones 12 Pro and iPads Pro in the Golden Apple collection will sell starting at 5 000 USD, depending on the available memory.

The Apple logos on the devices in the Diamond Apple series will be encrusted with nine diamonds. Each phone and tablet will also have an engravement with the quote from the current Apple CEO Tim Cook – ‘Let your joy be in your journey, not in some distant goal’.

Prices for the devices in the Diamond Apple collection start at 7400 USD.