60 years ago, on April 12, 1961, the first manned flight into space took place. In honor of this significant date Caviar jewelry brand is launching a new collection of premium iPhone versions "Space Conquerors".

The first model in the collection was created in honor of the most famous space explorer - Yuri Gagarin. The body of the Gagarin model is made of aviation titanium and decorated with a three-dimensional image of the Vostok rocket.

The centerpiece of this model's design is a rare Navigator's watch engraved with the date of the first flight into space. However, perhaps, the most unique design element of the Gagarin model is a genuine fragment of the Vostok-1 spacecraft - the very apparatus on which a man made the first flight around the Earth.

Another model in the Conquerors of Space collection is dedicated to a modern pioneer of the space industry - Elon Musk. Musk series phones are made of ultra-strong PDV-coated titanium. The flight track is crowned with a genuine particle that has been in space aboard the Falcon 9 and CRS-17 Dragon (made by SpaceX).

The line also includes such smartphones as Korolev - this model, decorated with a three-dimensional gilded star, bears the name of the great Soviet engineer and creator of the first artificial Earth satellite, Bezos - the smartphone is decorated with the symbol of Blue Origin, a gray titanium feather against the background of the image of the Earth made of blue composite stone, and Armstrong - the smartphone featuring a real fragment of Apollo 11, the spacecraft that brought the first man to the moon.

Prices for models start from $5840.