The iPhone 12 Pro Jobs 4 and legendary New Balance 991 sneakers with a part of Jobs’ original famous turtleneck were presented in Russia. Collection is dedicated to the 10-th anniversary of the iPhone 4.

The key element of the customized version of the iPhone 12 Pro is a piece of Jobs’ original famous turtleneck. The fragment is embedded in the famous bitten apple. You are holding a real luxurious masterpiece and a talisman imbued with the spirit of a great genius.

The collection includes 3 models: one is made of durable blackened titanium; second -of white composite G10 covered with jewelry enamel with an apple made of 925 sterling silver. Last one – a luxury version with an apple made of pure gold 18 karat.

There is custom New Balance 991 in collection. Steve Jobs' favorite legendary New Balance has the bit of Job’s turtleneck and little titanium plate with famous words «Think different».

Each phone in the series will be released in a limited edition of 10 models.

Custom New Balance 991 sneakers limited to 30 pieces.

The price starts from $6 490.