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Steve Jobs became a cult figure, role model and idol for many people. In honor of the first product of Apple company, Apple 1 computer, Caviar designers created the exclusive iPhone 12 PRO Apple 1 Light.

The laconic design of the phone includes a case made of natural wood and the word Apple, which was engraved on the original wooden case of the legendary invention of Jobs / Wozniak. The key element of the customized version of the iPhone 12 PRO is a part of the original circuitry of the Apple world's first personal computer.

iPhone 12 PRO Apple 1 Light is for those who do not fear innovations and think different.

You are not just getting a new phone, but becoming a part in history of the most powerful technological corporation in the world.

The limited edition will consist of 49 items.


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    Exclusive element

    A fragment of the circuitry of the first personal computer in the world - Apple 1
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    Back panel

    Wood resembling the original structure and design of the first Apple computer
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    Label Apple

    Lettering identical to the inscription on the first personal computer by Steve Jobs

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$6 290
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