Musk Be On Mars

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Customised sneakers with a fragment that is part of the Alpha Space mission was on an individual order.

On the laces are attached titanium images of the spacecraft: one of which has a piece embedded in it, which was returned to Earth from Materials International Space Station (ISS) Experiment (MISSE) Flight Facility, operated by Alpha Space Test & Research Alliance, on a SpaceX Dragon capsule and provided by the English company The Space Collective that deals with the search and purchase of collector's artifacts.

Our customer wanted to be part of the Caviar space mission and one of the great conquerors of distant planets.

Custom made.


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    Exclusive piece:

    A piece that is part of the Alpha Space mission
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    Customized Nike Air Force 1
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    Manual painting on genuine leather. Martian landscape with starry sky.

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$1 490
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