Space Odyssey Moon

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The loyal satellite of the Earth – the Moon – accompanies us every day. You just need to look at the sky to see it in its full beauty. But for those, for whom it is not enough just to admire the far celestial body, we create iPhone 12 Pro that allows to become a full owner of the Moon.

The body of iPhone 12 Pro Moon has an inserted fragment of a meteorite that has fallen from the Moon to the surface of the Earth. The smartphone’s back cover is made of titanium and adorned with schematic orbits of celestial bodies, and a panel of composite stone that echoes the starry sky.

Limited Edition - 19 pcs.


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    Exclusive fragment:

    Fragment of a meteorite fallen from the Moon to the Earth
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    Back panel:

    Titanium, meteorite pieces. Schematic image of orbits of celestial bodies, a relief imitation of the Moon covering
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    Muonionalusta meteorite (4 pcs). The age of pieces is 4.5 billion years.
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    Caviar titanium table


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$6 290
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