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The Maya civilization is surrounded by numerous mysteries. Secrets have always captivated human minds. We can take an exciting journey into the mysterious history of the Maya with the Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Maya.

The smartphone is made of titanium with a black super-strong PVD coating, used in the manufacturing of Swiss watches, with inserts of solid gold with a laser pattern. The centerpiece of the model is titanium with three-dimensional feathers and a Mayan calendar.

At the bottom of the accessory, there is an inlaid ruby, shaped as a drop of blood. It is the patron of brave and daring knights wholeheartedly devoted to their ideals.

The design of this phone impresses with its eccentricity and power. This is a real masterpiece from Caviar designers.

Dive into the mysterious world of the inventors of the accurate calendar, the creators of the great pyramids with the Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Maya.

It is presented in a limited edition - 7 pieces.

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    Titanium with black extra strong PVD coating used in the manufacture of Swiss watches
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    Laser-engraved 750 gold and first quality pure ruby
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    Titanium with three-dimensional feathers and Mayan calendar
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    Side engraving:

    Engraving model information and unique phone number
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    Gold weight:

    40 gr. on the Pro version and 50 gr. on the Pro Max

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