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If you were born under the Libra sign, then you undoubtedly belong to the circle of aesthetes, you know how to enjoy life, value everything beautiful and have a good knowledge of art. You feel in your bones which thing presents a true value and which doesn’t, this is why it is impossible to entrap you in these questions. Well, Caviar will undoubtedly earn your precious approval by creating a distinguished iPhone 12 Pro design dedicated to your Zodiac sign.

Your attention has already surely been attracted by the aristocratic combination of snow-white leather, black diamonds and white-plating, with which the Libra constellation is laid out on the Caviar “sky dome”. Let’s agree that it is an exquisite pleasure to have a precious constellation in your hands, on the body of the smartphone that is beyond compare!


  • image

    Upper insets

    Decorative grid made of titan with black laser coating with diamonds, imitating Libra constellation. 11 diamonds. Natural leather.
  • image

    Zodiac sign

    Libra. Titan. Laser coating.
  • image

    Case and keys

    Anodized coating, engraving of unique phone number.
  • image

    Lower inset

    Volumetric symolytic Air ornament.

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$6 720
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