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Caviar is ready to tell the exclusive history of luxury to the Queen of England! Specifically for Elizabeth II, to pay homage to her personality and get her royal confirmation of the fact that Caviar is a gift worthy of the Queen, the phone “Black Russian Royal” with the portrait of Her Majesty has been created.

The basis of the design is a special grainy titanium body, which relief and texture resemble black caviar – an expensive Russian treat, delicacy, which can be equated with the symbol of wealth and prosperity. As the key elements of the design act the volumetric half-face of the Queen, repeating the one depicted on the coins, complemented with a rich royal wooden ornament and diamonds; the phone is also decorated with a plate with some lines from the British hymn “God Save the Queen”. The front side of the phone dazzles not only with a golden frame around the screen, but also with the shine of diamonds! To sum up, the phone is decorated with 215 diamonds. Very recently, the House of Windsor, which Elizabeth II belongs to, celebrated their centenary. This phone is an embodied confirmation of the fact that Caviar is a royal gift.



Bas-relief of Queen Elizabeth II. Double gold covering Double Electroplated (999 standard, 7 microns). 77 diamonds with the diameter 1.2 mm.

Unique model number:

Unique model number that will be produced in a unique copy. Double gold covering according to the technology Double Electroplated (999 standard, 7 microns).


Phrase: “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN”. Double Electroplated (999 standard, 7 microns).

Ornaments and body:

National ornaments, one-piece body of tempered titanium with an insert of composite stone. Black PVD covering. “Titanium Caviar” © ornament. Double Electroplated (999 standard, 7 microns). The front frame is encrusted with 138 diamonds with the diameter 1.2 mm.


What is in the box

image Luxury case covered with real leather. Finishing material - "Black velvet".

The case includes:

  • Your Nokia 3310
  • Authenticity certificate.
  • Key for opening the case.
  • Catalogue
  • Headphones
  • Charger
  • Warranty certificate.

Product information

  • image

    Dimensions and weight

    115,6 x 51 x 12,8 mm, 120 g
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    Phone basis — Nokia 3310. Software version: Series 30+. Memory — 16 Mb.
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    Network and connection:

    2G network (GSM 900/1800 MHz).
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    Camera and display:

    Camera 2 Mp, QVGA (320 x 240) video. Display dimensions: 2,4", resolution (320х240)