Hùng Kings

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Having addressed to the rich culture and history of Vietnam, Caviar designers found the inspiration that captured their thoughts!

This phone just can’t stay without attention! No matter where it appears – its extraordinary shape, in which force and power are sensed, its contrasting palette, brightness and charisma – attract attention. It is worth taking a closer look at it to find out more about the history and true sense of this splendid accessory.

Lunar King Hung is a Vietnamese holiday dedicated to the celebration of Hung Kings, who, according to the legend, were the first state heads. The semi-mythical origin of this ruling dynasty has no issues with the widespread worship and celebration.

The design of the royal phone is filled with the important sense – the body is decorated with a hieroglyph that means “longevity”; it protects from sudden grieves and accidents; it is a must-have adorning the king’s dress. Feel the force of this ancient amulet and enjoy the elegance and originality of this phone dedicated to the race of the great rules from the distant past.


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    Gilded body (according to the technology Double Electroplated (7 microns, 999 gold standard)). The number of the limited edition is engraved on the side facet, the bolts are of gold titanium. Tapisserie guilloche.
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    Front side:

    Gold covering (according to the technology Double Electroplated (7 microns, 999 gold standard)), engraving of volumetric patterns, titanium with PVD covering.
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    Titanium with PVD covering
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    Back panel:

    Red composite stone, engraving of the patterns interpreting the “Longevity” hieroglyph, gold covering (according to the technology Double Electroplated (7 microns, 999 gold standard)), volumetric element presenting the “Longevity” hieroglyph covered with gold


What is in the box

Product information

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    Operation system:

    Series 40 5TH Edition, Feature Pack 1
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    Dimensions and Memory:

    Memory: 1 GB, 32 MB RAM. Dimensions: 144x50x12 mm.
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    Communication standard & Internet:

    GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, UMTS (WCDMA), 3G
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    Bluetooth, Camera 2 Mp, micro-USB 2.0
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    Li-ion, 830 MAH, Standby time - 300 h, Talk time: - 5.5 h
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    Contacts in the phone book:

$4 300