Viking Black Edition

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How do you think, does the modern world differs a lot from the reality where Vikings, for example, were living? On the one hand – undoubtedly, there is a gulf between us, which is caused by the technical progress, social development and cultural evolution.

But on the other hand, which is important – many things remain unchanged.

In all times, a man needed to have a weapon in his hands, a loyal and firm one, which won’t let you down, with which a man will be able to answer all the calls in the outer world. Today, a smartphone is such a weapon – a constant companion, it keeps thousands of possibilities and functions. However, we cannot ignore its vulnerability; it is important to understand that in the conditions of today, everything what you have in your smartphone is literally in the Internet as well, and it won’t be difficult to get an access to your personal date

In this regard, the classic push-button phones are not only your swords, but also a shield, because the information it keeps is protected; a simple but reliable – this phone will not be hacked from a distance! So, just keep it in your hands! The spectacular titanium hex-type body of the phone decorated with the natural leather reminds the form of a sword and looks unusual and the total black makes it even more charismatic and outstanding.

The weapon in which you will be confident for 100%!


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    Polished titanium BT1-0 with anti-corrosion characteristics, a number of the limited series is engraved on the side, Tapisserie guilloche.
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    Front side: 

    Titanium with PVD-covering
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    Titanium (black)
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    Back panel:

    Natural crocodile leather, PVD covering, Caviar brand sign.

What is in the box

Product information

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    Operation system:

    Series 40 5TH Edition, Feature Pack 1
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    Dimensions and Memory:

    Memory: 1 GB, 32 MB RAM. Dimensions: 144x50x12 mm.
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    Communication standard & Internet:

    GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, UMTS (WCDMA), 3G
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    Bluetooth, Camera 2 Mp, micro-USB 2.0
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    Li-ion, 830 MAH, Standby time - 300 h, Talk time: - 5.5 h
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    Contacts in the phone book:

$3 520