11 unique copies of iPhone 11 Pro with real pieces of Titanic and the Gagarin’s spaceship

Right after the launch of iPhone 11 Pro the Russian brand Caviar introduced the new collection of customized iPhones 11 Pro called ‘Discovery’. Smartphone cases are decorated with real particles of the Titanic and the Vostok 1 spacecraft. Due to the rarity of such materials only 11 unique copies were created.

The flagship models of the iPhone 11 Pro Space Collection announced by Caviar earlier have been sold out on pre-order even before the start of sales of the Apple novelty.

The new collection is dedicated to the search for legendary treasures not only in all corners of the world, but also in the space and on the ocean bed. The life principle of Caviar is a restless non-stop search for the best, the movement to the ideal, the striving for perfection even if it is needed to neglect the limits of the possible for it!

The Discovery collection includes two models each of which is inspired by a legendary object, the history of which has become the chronicles of the whole world, but touching these treasures now is almost impossible. However, it is well-known that for Caviar there are no limits of the possible and the brand’s representatives got an access to unbelievable artifacts and all this was to share them with their clients.

So, the new designs are dedicated to Titanic, and the spaceship Vostok 1. Each model not only stylistically interprets the symbols and images belonging to these objects, but also contains their genuine pieces.

The Titanic model has got a relief background reminding the stormy ocean waters and is decorated with an image of an anchor lowered to the water as well as with two rotating metal valves. Into a specific ‘reservoir’ in the upper part of the body, the piece is placed that was captured from the ship, which has been staying in the ocean depth for the last 107 years. The inscription on the device confirms the date when the ship had been set afloat. It is not necessary to say that the number of such models is limited – 10 copies only. Price is 7.270 USD.

The design dedicated to the Vostok 1 spaceship is even presented in a single copy. It is complemented with a truly priceless fragment of the spaceship Vostok 1 – that one, on which Yuri Gagarin made his first flight to the space! The design of the model interpreting the scheme of the Solar System, looks spectacular and unusual and besides that considers the questions of ergonomics while the phone is in a hand. The memorable inscription on the body addresses us to the date when Vostok 1 went into space. Price is 33.620 USD.