A fashion upgrade of AirPods headphones

The wireless Apple earphones that conquered the whole world with their convenience and quality of sound that taught everyone to live without taking a miniature speaker from the ear now got a luxury performance option: the Russian brand Caviar offered new designs for the earphones and the case for them – in the bright red color, in black, and in carbon.

The idea to modify AirPods became a logical continuation of Caviar expansion spreading to the best of the modern mobile and advanced devices. It was impossible to leave without attention this modern and demanded accessory that despite its convenience looked too universal, unified and boring though.

AirPods Real Carbon Fiber version by Caviar

Caviar designers created extremely long-lasting and bright covering of black and showy red colors, applied it to the earphones, complemented the design with a gold “Caviar” inscription and decorated the cases for AirPods in the appropriate way. All the images and inscriptions on the wireless earphones and case are covered with gold.

AirPods Product (Red) version by Caviar

“We ourselves are big fans of this small, but such an irreplaceable thing, however, we must admit that the design option offered by Apple won’t suit to everyone; our clients would like to see a more original, unusual and charismatic solution. We expanded the series of models, offered various colors and even various materials, and, of course, added some gold shine to provide AirPods with the royal luxury!

Prices start from $590.