Caviar created gold iPhone 11 Pro with the image of the Nativity of Christ and decorated it with a big diamond

The Russian company Caviar, which is famous worldwide with their exclusive iPhone designs, on the threshold of the great Christmas Holiday presents new collection of designs called Christmas Star. A flagship became a smartphone in the body of one-piece 750-content gold introduced in a single copy.

The main adornment of the model is a large diamond called “Christmas Star”; its diameter makes out almost one centimeter. Symbolizing the Star of Bethlehem, this precious stone becomes the semantic center of the entire design. Enclosed in engraved concentric circles that remind interior decorations of a Christian rotunda, it illuminates the relief scene of the Birth of Jesus Christ.

Besides that, the collection includes two models in a limited edition of 99 copies: Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Silver Christmas Star and Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Glow Christmas Star. In their designs, only exclusive materials and technologies were used: 925-content silver, composite stone of the color reminding night sky full of shining stars, manually engraved decorative patterns, volumetric reliefs of precious metals, encrusting with diamonds.

“Every culture has its special holiday. The one that everyone is looking forward to with sinking heart. For many people all over the world, Christmas is the time when true miracles happen. Christmas star of the new collection by Caviar will become a real artifact for the owner of this smartphone, which will lead to bright, kind and eternal things. We’re happy to congratulate everyone who celebrate this holiday. We wish you never to lose your guiding star”.

The cost of models start from $6 360. The flagship model price is $128 050.