Everything to the maximum: the firmest, the goldest and the lightest iPhone XS Max was introduced in Russia

The Russian luxury brand Caviar introduced the collection of exclusive designs available only in the format of iPhone XS Max and dedicated to the idea of maximality. There, the firmest, the most luxurious, the lightest and the goldest iPhone XS Max by Caviar are presented.

Exclusive iPhone XS Max collection

iPhone XS Max by Apple possesses the maximum characteristics – it has got the largest screen, the most powerful processor and the most advanced camera. Now, thanks to Caviar, it also has the most authentic and unusual design: luxurious, firm, gold and light to the maximum. Each of them is available only with the biggest memory volume of 512 GB, which underlines the fact that everything in these smartphones is to the maximum.


Caviar iPhone Xs Max Maximum Invincible is the maximally firm iPhone Xs Max enhanced with a 1-mm plate of hardened titanium that is able to stop a bullet. Its design accumulates the associations with the most durable and powerful objects – a tank, armor, a fireproof safe box.

8 grams lighter

The maximally lightest model— Caviar iPhone Xs Max Maximum Ultralight made a real revolution – due to the use of carbon instead of glass on the back panel, the smartphone became 8 gr lighter.


The most luxurious model — Caviar iPhone Xs Max Maximum Diamonds is made in the combination of the black PVD coating and diamonds. Black is an indisputable synonym of elegance and style and 400 dazzling diamonds are the maximum concentration of luxury on the largest iPhone body.

Solid Gold

Caviar brought the idea of the gold iPhone to the absolute by turning Apple iPhone XS Max in the body of the gold color into Caviar iPhone Xs Max Maximum Gold – the luxurious smartphone covered with pure gold.

Besides that, the brand presented an exclusive model in the body fully decorated with a gold panel weighing 150 grams. It exists in the only exemplar and its cost is 15340 USD.

Another secret of the Maximum Collection by Caviar: in the laconic and elegant ornament adorning every smartphone, the word “Max” is encrypted, reminding that these designs are created for those who live on the maximum and don’t accept half measures and compromises.

The cost of iPhone XS Max in the Caviar Maximum Collection starts from 5200 USD.