HAIL TO THE KING! iPhone XS release date, price and specs

All you want to know about iPhone Xs in 9 minutes

Luxurious variations of new iPhone by Caviar – on sale since October 1st!

On September 12th, the presentation of new devices by Apple took place in California. Tim Cook introduced new smartphones - - iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR, as well as Apple Watch 4 Series.

The new smartphones got a record-breaking powerful processor that makes the device’s work amazingly fast and smooth, an advanced camera allowing to make wonderful pictures and just incredible portraits!

The protection from moisture and dust became more reliable; the battery works longer, and Face ID recognizes the owner faster.

Besides that, the record-breaking big memory volume of 512 GB and record-breaking large screen size of 6.5 inches appeared.

This is impressive!

Caviar is glad to inform that already since October 1st, the sales of all Caviar models start, which are presented in the “iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max” section.

We draw your attention to the fact that a new product always generates an uproar and is deficit in the beginning of sales. To get a place in the first wave of sales make pre-orders now. The time will go too quickly!

Quite soon, the new smartphone with an exclusive design and ideal technologies will be in your hands!

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