Russian jewelers dedicated the collection of iPhone X to the apple and the story of expulsion from the garden of Eden

Caviar, the Russian manufacturers of luxurious modifications of smartphones and accessories, dedicated the collection of iPhone X to the logotype of the Apple brand – the bitten apple, by referring to one of the most beautiful rendering of its origin – the biblical one.

Caviar present the Apple Edition collection, in the center of which, there is an image of a bitten apple as the symbol of the craving for the unknown, the pursuance of new knowledge and curiosity to discoveries. The designers of the Caviar brand played up the golden Apple sign by making it the main element in the designs of the exclusive iPhone X.

In total, four models are presented in the collection. Three of them are dedicated to the heroes of the biblical story – Adam, Eve and the Snake of Temptation; the fourth design combines all of them like it is on the legendary painting by Lucas Cranach.

The design dedicated to Adam is the masculinity and moderateness in an elegant combination of leather, composite black onyx and golden coating with the “scale” pattern. The model “Eve” is performed of white exotic leather and presented in two variants – with diamonds and without them. In the design dedicated to the Snake nothing is distracting from the main thing – the luxurious texture of the snake skin and the golden apple itself. The fourth design connects all the heroes into the single plot, repeating the picture “Adam and Eve” by Cranach, created in 1526. The image is put onto the canvas of natural leather and the place of the painted apple is taken by a miniature of this bitten fruit covered with gold.

“To create this collection, we selected the most beautiful rendering of creating the Apple logotype, in our opinion; the most symbolical and eternal – the biblical story about the first man and the first woman on the Earth. The history of the mankind is built on the human craving for new things; we all are tempted by the undiscovered, and it makes our life beautiful, interesting and unpredictable”, the brand’s representatives tell about the new designs.

The price starts from 3 830 $