Russian jewellers created a phone "Peacemakers" with Putin, Trump and biblical symbol of peace

The Russian brand of luxury phones and accessories, Caviar, has created an exclusive design - "Peacemakers" - on the basis of push-button phone Nokia 3310; it is inspired by the meeting of the Presidents of Russia and the USA and reflects the importance of this event for the global community. Its design features relief portraits of the leaders, olive branches encircling the globe, and the dove of peace. First two exemplars will go to presidents of this two countries.

Caviar Putin Trump Summit

The meeting of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump is planned to happen on July 16, in Helsinki. This is a very important event for strengthening the partnership between Russia and America which has impact on the common wellbeing in the world.


To celebrate this event Caviar has created the phone design called the Peacemakers. It features a golden miniature with portraits of the leaders of both countries, who stay on the background of the globe, which stresses the meeting importance; around the composition there is a fine wreath of olive branches which symbolize peace; the picture is crowned with a graceful dove - the symbol of peace dating back to the biblical story of Noah's Ark.

Putin Trump golden Nokia 3310

Nowadays relations between this two superpower states are like a storm, but we believe that this meeting can bring peace as the dove in biblical story did. At the lower part of the case there is a plate with the date of historic meeting in Helsinki. All elements are coated with 24K gold.

"Golden titanium"

The composition’s background is a panel of composite jade of acacia honey color. The phone case is made of titanium and coated with a unique compound called by Caviar the "golden titanium"; basically, it is titanium molten to plasma state and applied by PVD technique on a titanium surface.

Golden Nokia Putin Trump Summit

This technique allows to achieve a nice gold color and shine and enhances resistance to damage, corrosion, and tarnish. The central control button is decorated with engraved crown. Luxurious version is made on the basis of Nokia 3310.


"Design of this phone is full of symbols applied on relatively small area of the phone we could work with and we can now state we've managed to do the impossible — we created a saturated and luxurious design that is worth to go down in history. And we hope that the meeting of the presidents will also go down in history as a remarkable event that will positively impact the future of all countries and open a new, long-awaited page of friendship between Russia and America," - so the brand representatives about the novelty.

Price is 2 740$