The sales start of iPhone X Tesla with an infinite charge level by Caviar. The first copy will go to Elon Musk

The Russian brand has started the long-expected sales of the unique model iPhone X Tesla that is possible to charge from the sun and bright lamps. The first exclusive model with the words “Made on Earth by humans”, the homage to the Tesla car space launch, will go to Elon Musk .

In November 2017, for the first time Caviar announced the release of a smartphone that is able to charge from the light. During half a year, the brand has been working on the improvement of the complicated system, allowing the phone to charge the battery from the light using silicone semiconductors. When the sunlight comes to the case of iPhone X, its surface containing the solar battery, is bombarded with photons and there comes the motion creating the electrical current. The engineers of Caviar have carried out over 100 tests proving the effectiveness and safety of this system. While the final revision and improvement of iPhone X Caviar Tesla has been done, the number of preorders that came for this model exceeded the initially announced edition of 99 items. So, it was decided to increase the number of the smartphone in this series to 999 pieces. Every smartphone has its own number.

When creating the project of this phone, Caviar was being inspired by three men of science at once: Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla and Ilon Mask. Now, when the phone is created and available for ordering, it is decided to send its first copy to Ilon Mask himself. On the special model created for this engineer and inventor, the words “Made on Earth by humans” are written; initially, this text could be seen on the printed boards of the Tesla Roadster car that was launched into space.

The design of the device presents an example of a strict futuristic style in the courageous man-induced aesthetics. The case of the smartphone is equipped with a carbon base, golden decorative elements, battery charge indicator and charging shock-resistant plate. It is easy to imagine this phone in the hands of the astronauts, pioneers, people who make great discoveries on the edge of human capabilities.

The cost of the self-charging smartphone iPhone X Caviar Tesla is 284, 000 RUR.