To the Presidents’ Day in the USA – the Russian brand decorated iPhone XS and XS Max with the faces of Kennedy, Lincoln and others

In Russia a collection of golden iPhone XS and XS Max for the US Presidents’ Day with the portraits of presidents looking like they were cut in Mount Rushmore is created. The heroes of the edition became: John Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Franklin Roosevelt.

On February 18th, the Presidents’ Day is celebrated in America. Specifically for this date, the brand of luxury smartphones and accessories, Caviar created a collection of smartphones decorated with the portraits of the great American state leaders. To determine the personalities of the presidents that will come to the collection, the brand made a poll among its clients, and they were asked to select the most significant one from 10 most famous US presidents. Based on the poll results, in Caviar the models dedicated to John Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Franklin Roosevelt were developed.

An inspiration for the design was the famous monument in Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. Caviar designers used a similar stylistics to put the presidents’ portraits into the spectacular relief, “rocky” background by empathizing their indelible mark on history.

Besides that, every model is complemented with the famous statements of the Presidents. For example, the design dedicated to Lincoln, is decorated with his phrase “I'm a slow walker, but I never walk back”, while iPhone with the portrait of Kenney is shining with the words “The best road to progress is freedom's road”. The entire panel is covered with 999th content gold applied according to the technology Double Electroplated.

The cost of the models is from $5000. All presidential smartphones available in iPhone XS and XS Max model.