Precious Caviar iPhone

CAVIAR iPhone is a great premiere of the luxury world. A brand new view of what a precious top-class phone can be. Combining the technical perfection of the progressive Apple iPhone and the jeweler’s work at the case design, CAVIAR has become a unique accessory, the analogues of which weren’t known in the world of premium goods before!

Each phone is fabricated manually of the most exclusive materials – gold, titanium, carbon; leather, mahogany and diamonds are used for decorations. Due to the efforts of the hereditary Italian jewelers and the chief designer – Elia Giacometti, the pretentious perfection of each detail is achieved: the finest engraving, caulking, encrusting with precious stones – each element is made with love and attention. This is why the production of phones happens in strictly limited lots. A limited edition is a guarantee of each item’s exclusiveness as well as the pledge of the fact that there will be as much time and strength dedicated to the work on each device, as it will require.

CAVIAR is a special world, where there will never be a crowd of idlers or passers-by. This world is available only for chosen ones; the world where luxury, hand work, individual approach and perfect service are valued.

Caviar online-boutique

The official online boutique of CAVIAR is the first who introduces all of the brand’s novelties. The format of the Internet representation allows providing services of selling precious smartphones within the whole territory of the Russian Federation. Regardless of your residence, whether it is the capital, St. Petersburg or any other city of Russia, you’re welcome to make an order on CAVIAR website. On this source only, fresh news, posts, comments of creators and other relevant information from the first hand is available for you.

Caviar Creation History

The birth of style

The brand Caviar was founded by an Italian jeweler Elia Giacometti, an heir of the family jewelry house Perla Penna, which has been leading its history since 1861.

Giacometti created his first precious iPhone for himself in 2010. In Moscow, where the jeweler visited the Millionaire Fair Exhibition, his unusual smartphone attracted so much attention that Giacometti started collecting orders to create similar models for the representatives of the Moscow elite. So, a promising idea has been brought to life.

Elia Giacometti created designs for the first Caviar collection by providing them generously with a true Italian flavor: pompous patterns inspired by the Renaissance Era, antic ornaments, and leather of a traditional Florentine dressing – all this started to determine the recognizable style of Caviar.

In the rhythm of Apple innovations

In 2011, Caviar presented two collections of precious devices based on Apple iPhone 4s. In 2012, their sales started in Russian online-boutique.

With the release of iPhone 5, all the assortment of precious phones was transferred to the base of the innovative smartphone. The changed phone dimensions forced the significant changes in the technique of work on precious cases. The manufacturing procedure was significantly perplexed and improved. The brand new models were presented for the first time; among them there were exclusive variations in the Diamante line, decorated with diamonds.

Then, another great premiere took place – the jewelers presented the first iPad mini in a golden look. Relief ornaments of Medici lilies decorating the Firenze phone model started shining on the golden iPad panel as well.

With the release of precious Caviar iPhone 5s in 2013, famous people appeared among the brand’s clients – the actor Alexander Inshakov, the boxer Nikolay Valuev and many others. To that moment, in the brand’s arsenal, there were already 4 regular collections, inspired by absolutely various styles.

CAVIAR Russian collection

In 2014, Caviar presented a collection of smartphones dedicated to the great personalities Supremo, where among others, a phone with the portrait of President Putin was released. This event became one of the most discussed things in Russian media; the edition of precious presidential phones was sold out within two days. The success of Supremo Putin brought the designers of Caviar to the creation of a whole model series specifically for Russian consumers. Sometimes these models are combined to the Russian Collection by Caviar.

New Names

Since 2015, the management of the company’s business moved to Russia, but the devices’ designs still remain in Italy. “Italian design is the essence of the brand, it is its soul, its permanent DNA, a code where its main message is encrypted – genuine luxury created by hands, piece goods that will never be by wholesale. The Italians feel the taste of life like no one else, their generous souls, cultural heritage and the history of the highest fashion lasting for 3 centuries allows creating truly great things beyond time, in which gloss and elegance can be felt”, - the brand’s owners comment.

In 2015, Caviar started cooperating with a new team of designers. Being in a constant search of talented experts, gift with a true instinct of luxury, a flawless taste and an extraordinary modern view, Caviar was carefully watching the work of many designers. Daniel Mazzoni and Paolo Reato are famous in Italy with their outstanding works for Ducatti and Pininafarina. The experience of work with the leaders of the luxury segment allowed the designers to demonstrate their talents in full and prove themselves as true geniuses of their work

The cooperation with Caviar started for the designers with creating phone models in the automobile collection. An uneasy task was facing them – to reflect the aesthetics, strength, power, beauty and status of a legendary vehicle in the device’s design. Mazzoni and Reato have caught all of the defining cars features surprisingly precisely. Transferred to a smartphone case, they became expressive symbols reflecting triumph, speed, prestige and success.

Caviar continues working with the most outstanding designers of modern time, by improving and perplexing the appearance of their exclusive accessories with every new premiere. Daniel Mazzoni and Paolo Reato are getting ready to present new unique designs created for Caviar specifically.

For the first time ever: smart Apple Watch by Caviar

Since 2015, Caviar has been offering it clients not only smartphones and tablets in a jewelry design, but also the exclusive versions of Apple Watches, covered with gold and decorated with petite symbolic engravings created by hands. The most famous collection of precious watches by Caviar has become the line “Epoca” (Era), dedicated to three historical periods in Russia. The imperial Russia inspired the jewelers to create a model featuring the signature of Peter the Great; the Soviet Union met its reflection in the design with the use of the Mausoleum image, while the modern Russia is presented though the model with a symbolic image of President Putin’s signature, his name and engraved panorama of the Moscow city center.


In 1999, Elia Giacometti took over the management of the family workshop and became the head of his father’s business. However, in 2011, when getting close to the start of producing the line of precious smartphones, Giacometti decided to rebuild the workshop room so that a separate section for building up the phones could be created. This decision was dictated by the need to separate fine electronics from metal dust and suspended matter spinning around the working places of jewelers dealing with metals, precious and semiprecious stones. The work on the room reconstruction has been carried out for several months; aiming to preserve the coziness and the same atmosphere in both workshops, Giacometti took the most care about the comfort of his experts. As a result, all conditions for a long, painstaking and accurate work on Caviar phones have been created.

Gold Plating

Since 2017, the technology of double applying of the golden covering – Double Electroplated – has been used in the production of Caviar. The peculiar feature of this innovative method are the outstanding characteristics of density and strength the precious applying has, satin gloss and brightness of the covering, which id resistant to mechanic damaged. Gold of the highest, 999 standard is applied on the products with the layer of 7 microns. A special, warm, sunny shade of yellow gold is a peculiar feature of the products by Caviar.


Choosing the materials to create collections is an exciting, important and fascinating process that requires from the expert a full immerse into work. Excellent quality of each component is a starting point for the expert’s work. This is why the experts of CAVIAR don’t spare time and efforts to search for the best expensive leather, perfect wood species and flawless diamonds! Everything that doesn’t match the perfection even in the slightest is being rejected and isn’t allowed to the production. Elia Giacometti personally controls every step of the production, including the selection of materials: “CAVIAR iPhone is a phone for people who achieved a lot; their experience, knowledge and position allow them estimating everything around them, which is why we offer them only the best; only that highest quality level that won’t just leave them pleased, but will truly impress them!”

Passion to work

The work on caulking and engraving is done in the jewelry section, where the ancestors of Giacometti had been working for many years already, with the only difference that since 2011, Elia has been separating the space to divide jewelers working on the jewelry items from masters creating phones. “We had to bring some regulations and a strict algorithm in the work of the masters. Jewelry is true passion and vocation of our every master, believe us, they come to work at sunrise, and sometimes I cannot send them back home even at midnight! From time to time I am sorry about working with Italians instead of Chinese; those obey the discipline, while Italians – only to their heart. But these are the best aces in their work!”


After the final build-up, the phones are carefully tested. Everything is tested – the quality of communication, the smallest details, golden covering, engravings. If some nonconformance to standard is detected, the exemplar is being rebuilt. However, according to Sir Giacometti, it happens extremely rarely. On this stage, the phones are equipped with chargers and relevant documents. All older models in the collection are packed in wooden chests finished with mahogany veneer and covered with black, almost non-transparent lacquer. The boxes of an exclusive work are made specifically for the precious phones. In this presentable gift package, the owner gets his CAVIAR, flawless and inimitable.