Dear future partners!

We would like to take this opportunity
to make an interesting proposal

Caviar is a profitable and stable business which has achieved levels of success since 2011. Over the last 9 years we have been working hard to combine luxury materials and design with high technologies.

We are looking for a strong and effective person or company to partner with. Considering your perfect knowledge of your country, its cultural, social and economical and other features and peculiarities and that our product has a great potential for the customers we firmly believe that the partnership will be mutually beneficial to both of as. We undoubtedly expect that you will soar to the top in this market niche in your country as we have done it in Russia.

We are famous for making

jeweled iPhone, Samsung, Airpods

IPhone Cases

Customized IQOS

Individual Orders

Our customers live all over the world. For instance, in 2018-2019 we received requests and shipped purchases to 62 countries.

Commonly clients would like to buy our phones in their own country instead of waiting for a costly and luxurious parcel from Russia.

Here is the list of countries from where
we receive most frequent orders:

  • China
  • The USA
  • India
  • France
  • The UK
  • Korea
  • The UAE
  • Turkey
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Vietnam

Scheme of partnership

We are looking forward to your offers and proposals and we will be happy to work with representatives from different countries.

Our main goal now is to increase sales with the help of local distributers who will market Caviar products in their country.

The scheme of partnership we propose:

We together assess the capacity
of your domestic market

You order the first batch
on the wholesale prices

You sell the product to your clients

You benefit from
the bid offer spread

You expand the business

* Attention! The wholesale discount on Caviar products depends on the size of your batch and your region. Please contact our manager to make calculations and discuss the details of the collaboration.

We are absolutely convinced that our joint venture
will prove to be a wonderful opportunity for both
the companies to prosper together.

Сontact our manager to make calculations and
discuss the details of the collaboration.