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When making an order or coordinating the design, please clarify with the manager how one or another type of the materials used in the design may influence the device's functions.

With the release of the revolutionary new Samsung Z-Flip 3 model, Caviar artists have presented the designer concept of a foldable smartphone as part of the Skull capsule collection.

Foldable smartphones are a resounding claim to absolute supremacy in the high-tech world. Combining radical Samsung solutions with the main provocative symbol of the 19th century - the skull - the brand's jewelers created the catchy Caviar Samsung Z-Flip 3 Catrina Calavera.

Daring, provocative, fearless - this is what Katrina Calavera is like. The vivid image of Latin American culture has long gone beyond the borders of its native continent and inspires people of art around the world.

A striking design detail is a 18K white gold skull inlaid with a scattering of sparkling emeralds, sapphires and rubies (419 gemstones in total). The sophistication and elitism of the model are created by decorative elements painted by hand with jewelry enamel. Around Katrina's skull there are bright roses made of composite stone with patterns made using the technique of laser engraving.

The body of the smartphone is made of durable titanium with decorative inserts in yellow 18K gold. The metal panel is decorated with the traditional Mexican ornament ""talavera"", applied in the technique of laser engraving.

The smartphone is presented in a limited edition. Only 20 lucky people will be able to become the owners of the provocative model Caviar Samsung Z-Flip 3 Catrina Calavera. The number was chosen for a reason: in the Mayan tradition, the ""twenty"" brings happiness and good luck.

code: 27773  

  • Body: Tempered titanium. 18K gold inlays.

  • Roses: Delicate flowers made from a durable and lightweight composite material in red and green. Laser engraving.

  • Skull and frame: Skull cast from 18K white gold, decorative frame in 18K gold. Inlaid with emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

  • Gemstones: Gemstones: 419 in total. Sapphires: 125 (1,5mm.), 3 (2mm.), Ruby: 130 (1,5mm.), 2 (2mm.), Emeralds: 145 (1,5mm). Diamonds: 14 (2mm.)

  • Enamel painting: Hand-painted skull with black jewelry enamel.

  • Limited edition: 20 copies. 20 is a lucky number in the Mayan tradition.

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$54 430

$54 430

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