The 'Pair of Kings' Collection

iPhones for owners of Richard Mille watches

We are updating the Pair of Kings collection with three unique models inspired by the aesthetic of the renowned Swiss watch brand – Richard Mille

The Perfect Blend

Richard Mille has achieved the impossible – revolutionizing the world of Swiss watches over 20 years through impeccable craftsmanship and complexity. Owners of Richard Mille watches deserve smartphones that match their worth.

iPhone 15 Pro


Your motto - freedom


The iPhone 15 Pro Rebel, featuring a bas-relief of a skeletonized hand cast from a solid ingot of 18-carat gold, is a perfect match for the RM 66 Flying Tourbillon – one of the most impressive creations by Richard Mille. The golden hand envelops the intricate mechanism of the watch, forming the 'Devil’s Horns' gesture - a symbol of rock and roll and rebellion. Each of the only 50 RM 66 watches costs 1 million dollars. Only 50 units of the smartphone will be released – one for each owner.


iPhone 15 Pro


The Spirit of a Winner


The Champion model complements the RM 35-01 – some of the watches by Richard Mille created in collaboration with the great tennis player Rafael Nadal. The duo is designed in a unified style, using identical or closely matched materials, creating a unique image that embodies the spirit of victory.


iPhone 15 Pro


Reflection of Ingenious Watches


While other collections only reveal one aspect close to the philosophy of Richard Mille, the RM 30-01 was created as the quintessence of the watch brand's style. This collection is a gift to the devoted fans of the company who reciprocated, making it highly popular. The contours of a racing car, tactile comfort, exquisite craftsmanship, complemented by noble 18-karat pink gold and lightweight titanium – the distinctive appearance of the renowned timepieces. And the stunning iPhone, named Mastermind, meant to be the royal counterpart to the genius of Richard Mille's creation.


The Pair of Kings collection is one of the most popular. Take a look at the smartphones, created in perfect royal harmony with Rolex and Richard Mille watches.


Individualized Design

Create the perfect pair for your timepiece. If you are the fortunate owner of a Richard Mille watch from a different collection or a timepiece from another brand, our Bespoke Atelier will craft an iPhone, Samsung, or Huawei in a cohesive style with your beloved accessory.


Fashion a complete individualized look, and transform the world according to your taste.