The prices exclude shipping costs, VAT and Customs taxes to be applied.

The products by Caviar have an international certificate of authenticity with 5 protection levels. A personal certificate is provided to the owner along with the Item.


The seller guarantees the effective functioning of the item if all the requirements described in the instruction manual from the manufacturer and in this Warranty Card are fully met. The decision about the viability to perform the warranty repair or replacement of the unserviceable equipment is adopted by the service center CAVIAR only after the item’s inspection.


All the items presented in our online store Caviar are completely original products manufactured with the use of precious and rare materials. For iPhone, Samsung, Apple Watch, Tsarphones, cases the warranty from our company is being provided for the period of 1 (one) year. For mechanical watches - 2 years. The warranty is valid only in case if the client provides the correctly and accurately filled in warranty card. If the warranty card is lost, the warranty is not valid.

You need to keep the warranty card during the entire period of the item use. The warranty card with the detailed conditions of warranty service and return policy is provided with every item.

The warranty service of the goods is performed in the authorized service centers CAVIAR only. The warranty period for the item’s components is:

• For electronic components (if any) – twelve months;

• For batteries (if any) – six months;

• For the outer dressing and body covering – thirty days;

• For cables, chargers (if any) – fourteen days.


- the item’s breakdown by the consumer’s fault (violation of the operation rules by him, work in the undocumented modes, wrong setting and connection, excess of the allowed working temperature, overheating etc.);

- presence of outer or inner mechanical (crushed contacts, cracks, traces of impact, cleavages etc.) received as a result of an improper use or during the item’s transportation;

- presence of repair signs by not authorized specialists on the item;

- presence of damages received as a result of an accident, impact on the item (fire, moisture, dust, foreign objects etc.);

- use of low-quality data storage items that became a reason of the defect appeared;

- presence of damages received as a result of an improper connection of the item to the electrical grid or the item’s use with an instable line voltage (frequency departure from the nominal on over 0.5%, voltage departures – over 10%) as well as absence of the ground (or made it with a derivation from standard);

- presence of damages caused by the influence of virus programs;

- ingestion of moisture, dust and dirt;

- presence of marks and damages caused by the impact of dust, sweat, caustic chemicals and gases (gasoline, paint, alkalis, acids, mercury, cleaning agents and solvents, adhesive agents etc.);

- presence of the marks of an electric breakdown, conductors’ burning-outs etc.;

- making any changes in the device connected with the software. As follows: a) installation of an unlicensed software b) update of the phone’s firmware in any way except the official software;

- use of chemically active liquids for phone cleaning and polishing.


If the circumstances named above are revealed, the seller does not bear any responsibility for the item’s flaws. The seller does not bear responsibility for the compatibility of this item with programs and program products of any third party in terms of their compatibility, system configuration and installation of drivers. The seller does not guarantee the compatibility of the item with the consumer’s hardware-firmware set. The service center does not bear responsibility for the storage of information kept on the magnet or other media as well as the damage caused by the information loss. In case of an unreasonable application to the service center, the consumer may get a bill for the diagnostics of the defect and a bill for the sending to the service center. Unreasonable is an application to the service center for the elimination of defects in the item’s work that doesn’t require a replacement or repair of the component parts as well as in a case considered as not warranty one by the authorized service center.

If a warranty case appeared, please call the customer service at the phone numbers given above.

1. The item’s delivery to carry out its diagnostics and back is made by the courier service. The item’s delivery is free only upon the condition of the warranty repair.

2. The items are accepted for a warranty repair only upon the presence of a warranty card filled in in the appropriate way. The non-serviceable item must be delivered to the service center in a full set, with the packing and technical documentation.

3. The warranty repair period is determined by the degree of the item’s defect and may be up to 45 (forty five) calendar days from the date of the item’s delivery to the service center, in case another period is not determined by a written agreement.



The item is not waterproof! The water ingestion on the Item is not allowed! The use of the item without a soft case is not allowed! The use of hard, tightly fitting cases of leather, suede, plastics and synthetic fiber reduces the lifetime of the phone’s gold covering! Even if the warranty period is over, our service center is at your disposal. Our skilled professionals are ready to provide you with a complex of measures to eliminate problems of your CAVIAR if appeared. Like every self-respecting brand of the highest level, CAVIAR cares about their clients. If the goods purchased by you need repair, setting or technical service, you’re welcome to send them to the authorized service center CAVIAR. Please give the address of the service center to our consultant at the phone number: +971-56-173-4747


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