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Be the first to get the new custom iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max by Caviar

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What is known about the new iPhone

Larger size

Thinner bezels

Periscope camera

Larger size

Thinner bezels

Periscope camera

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Custom iPhone by Caviar

Since 2011, the Caviar team has been creating high-end versions of Apple smartphones using Swiss watch brands and leading jewelry houses technologies. Caviar products are designed for those who appreciate attention to every detail and are accustomed to surrounding themselves with the finest things.

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Currency rates are unstable, and the price of the new iPhone is always higher. Order now and protect yourself from unexpected price increases.

Create a personalized message with Nero.

For pre-order customers, we have prepared an exclusive Neurobox with a personalized video. Delight yourself or your loved ones with a video message from Nero in a luxurious gift box.

Touch the future
with the virtual Caviar ambassador

An exclusive feature for custom iPhone 16 will be a personalized greeting or message by Nero, the virtual ambassador created using artificial intelligence. Surprise your friends and loved ones with this unique and innovative gift.

How to make a greeting?

  • Fill out the form in the product card or send your wishes to the manager.
  • Artificial intelligence will process your request and record the greeting.
  • You will see the personalized greeting in the Neurobox - the new packaging by Caviar with a built-in video.

Planned Release Date

October 2024

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