Case iPhone SE|6S|7|8|X|XS Classic Carbon Alligatore

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While creating this case we have been concentrating on the key elements of Caviar style and we have created an accessory, that combines in its image all the well-known, the most important patterns of classical collections of Caviar smartphones. First of all this is an unhacked, firm combination of materials, carbon and alligator skin as the representatives of the two different worlds. One of them lives in a high-rate world. In order to achive the goal in this world it is necessary to be light, blistering and firm. Another one prefers beauty and aesthetics, he does not ride off in all directions, because quality bears no haste. It is because of the bright contrasts of characters of the two heroes we have devided them with a separator in a form of a V-shaped tick covered with gold. In such a way this struggle turns into an expressive contrast and it is impossible to drag your gaze away from it.


Silicone case

Automotive carbon Battaglin

Double gold coating on Double Electroplated technology (999-mark, 7 microns.)

Genuine leather alligator

What is in the box

$1 690