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Hard Case Titans of rock Led Zeppelin

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What requirements are usually imposed to an iPhone case? It must be firm, solid, must protect the smartphone from damages. What else? Caviar presents a unique hard case for iPhone X for those whose wishes are much more sophisticated! If you need an accessory that will be really able to tell something about your personality, then you’ll pay attention to the original case edition “Titans of Rock” dedicated to the outstanding rock bands. For example, if you are attracted to Led Zeppelin, then don’t just walk past this case of the firmest titanium, which is decorated with artificial onyx, the name of the band and, of course, the image of the diligence almost like on the cover of the debut album of Led Zeppelin


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    Bas-relief/coat of arms/logo:

    Relief Led Zeppelin airship. Tempered titanium.
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    Cover :

    Back cover is made of tempered titanium of DIN 3.7145 grade.
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    Caviar plate:

    Hand-made engraving of Caviar logo. Tempered titanium.
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    Decorative bolts :

    Decorative titanium bolts.
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    Back panel::

    Artificial onyx with embossed Led Zeppelin logo

What is in the box

image In a luxurious original Caviar case. Coating material- "Black velvet".

There you will find:

  • Your Caviar IPhone Case
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Warranty certificate.