Hard CaseTitans of rock «Rock Star»

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The immortal rocker’s “devil horns” is the sign that doesn’t need any explanation. We have drawn a volumetric palm on the case’s body, thrown in the recognizable gesture to let the rock spirit of freedom, drive, independence and outcry make your life brighter and bolder. However, we didn’t forget about the skillful, literally jeweler’s performance – this and others decoration elements of the case are made of titanium, the accessory’s body is made of titanium and covered with the artificial onyx. This brutal and expressive, charismatic and firm case is created specifically for those who feel like a real rock star deep in their souls!


  • image

    Bas-relief/coat of arms/logo:

    Relief hand in Heavy Metal style. Tempered titanium.
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    Cover :

    Back cover is made of tempered titanium of DIN 3.7145 grade.
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    Decorative bolts :

    Decorative bolts. Tempered titanium.
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    Caviar plate:

    Hand-made engraving of Caviar logo. Tempered titanium.
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    Additional bás-relief/coat of arms/logo: :

    Relief chevron with hand-made engraving of rivets. Tempered titanium.
  • image

    Back panel: :

    Artificial onyx with the finest finish

What is in the box

image In a luxurious original Caviar case. Coating material- "Black velvet".

There you will find:

  • Your Caviar IPhone Case
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Warranty certificate.
$2 090