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If in the world of car industry there are legends, true heroes over that the time has no power, rulers that made a path to the throne with their powerful wheels and now have no intention to leave it, then this is without any doubts Mercedes-Benz G-Class. This is not just a car, this is a standard, this is the style, this is the character. And we’ve considered not without a reason that the owners of such a car need their own design for a protection case for their smartphone. First of all, we must say that this hard reliable case is made of titanium; it is enduring and firm, it decisively protects your iPhone from damages and its design is inspired by the look of the legendary Gelandewagen, which doesn’t require any explanation in fact.



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    Impact-Resistant Silicone Case with removable lightweighted titanium cover (DIN 3.7145)
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    Volumetric image of Mercedes logo. Tempered titanium of DIN 3.7145 grade with artificial stone «Black Onyx» inset.
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    Titanium insets:

    Tempred titanium DIN 3.7145. Polishing.
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    Artificial polished stone «Black onyx» with engravings.

What is in the box

image In a luxurious original Caviar case. Coating material - "Black velvet".

There you will find:

  • Your Caviar IPhone Case
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Warranty certificate.
$1 830