Case iPhone SE|6S|7|8|X|XS Russia Alligatore Gold


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This design has already become the classical one. This is a foundation, basis, where the main ideas common to Caviar sound. These ideas are love for Russia, confidence, charisma, luxury and elegance. It was only necessary for the brand designers to turn this significant composition to a case form and now you can choose an enternal design, dedicated to Russia and typified by soft and cosy protective case. Natural alligator skin always looks sharp and exquisitely and the volume Russian National Emblem, covered with gold and the plate with the lines of the National Anthem add to the image of this accessory a special value, making it more than a simple mean to protect the smartphone against scratches, it turn it to a symbol of a personal success and a sign of love for the native country.


Silicone case

Double gold coating on Double Electroplated technology (999-mark, 7 microns.)

Genuine leather alligator

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