Caviar Gold Edition Exclusive Rollerball

$7 880

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Gold is a metal that is truly loved at all times. With the same admiration it was enjoyed by both the rulers of the past and the modern arbiters of the fate. The model is created for those who possess the power to destroy the empires and build worlds just with one pen flourish. Afford yourself the inimitable luxury – leave your trace in the history with Caviar Gold Edition Exclusive Rollerball.

The body made of real gold of 585 content will underline your high status. The truly royal weight of the item and the rhythmic relief decoration will give a real kinesthetic pleasure. The item’s body is finished with rhodium, the platinum metal that guarantees special firmness and longevity. Thanks to it, Caviar Gold Edition Exclusive Rollerball will keep its perfect shine and will make your day with its flawless appearance for a long time.


Corpus engraving

Crown logo on the cap

Caviar engraving on the clip

What is in the box

$7 880