Royal Porsche Electric Bike
by Caviar

Conquer the Peaks of Aesthetics
with Caviar's New Project

Caviar, a leader in customizing luxury electronics and gadgets, proudly presents its latest masterpiece: the customized Porsche eBike Cross 3rd Gen.

Reliable Foundation

Caviar customizes only the finest electronic devices, so we chose the renowned Porsche eBike Cross 3rd Gen as the foundation for our new project. This bike offers a perfect blend of high performance and Porsche's signature quality, making it an ideal platform for our creativity.

More about a bike

Gold PVD Titanium

Another reliable and beautiful material - titanium coated with gold PVD. The metal is covered with a layer of ionized gold-colored titanium.Just like in your car's interior.

Deep Customization

Customizing a bike is an extremely complex and labor-intensive project that requires careful attention to every detail. During the process, some parts will be replaced while others will be adorned with unique decoration to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Soft Leather like in Your Salon

Experience the pleasant tactile sensations of genuine leather. Surround yourself with comfort.

Durable Gold Alloy

The tuning process utilized a wear-resistant 18-karat gold alloy.


The impressive appearance of the bicycle, combined with its unparalleled technical characteristics, deserves a royal name. For connoisseurs of Porsche history, it is known that there is a direct connection between the brand and the dynasty of the W├╝rttemberg Dukes (in German - Herzog), who ruled Stuttgart - the birthplace of the automotive company. The logo of the automotive company features images of deer antlers from the family coat of arms of the W├╝rttembergers. Herzog - the ancestral title of this aristocratic dynasty became the name of the custom electric bike.

Custom iPhone as a Gift

Many Caviar customers are fans of the Porsche brand. They often ask us to create an iPhone in the style of their favorite car. Caviar will design and present a customized smartphone as a gift to each Herzog owner.

About the phone


Custom Porsche Electric Bike
by Caviar

  • Sales Launch

    Early 2025

  • 44 000


  • Limited Edition

    9 units

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