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"Philosophy and idea of the fabulous iPhone X «La Passion» smartphone are embodied in noble material - jewels. The most attentive aesthetes will notice that the poppy stems represent a quatrain in French from Charles Baudelaire's poetry and reflect the product's quintessence.

«Ah! ne ralentis pas tes flammes;

Réchauffe mon coeur engourdi,

Volupté, torture des âmes!

Diva! supplicem exaudi! »

«No, no less than the worst of your fires will do

to warm my sluggish heart to life again . . .

Pleasure! sensual Pleasure, scourge of souls:

Diva, supplicem exaudi »

Passion - that's the name of this wonderful smartphone. And this name unequivocally foreordains philosophy and design of this precious gadget. Magnificent poppies symbolize strength of the captivating feeling causing the highest pleasure. Expressive vibrant red colour contrasting on the white background supplements the product with sensuality and the engraved lines in French pierce through every detail of iPhone X «La Passion» with sense.



  • Experts who have participated in creation of the model: artist, gemmology expert, calligraphist, 3D-designer, art moulding expert, process engineer, designer, stone carver, jeweller, galvanizing expert, engraver Manufacture of model takes not less than 88 hours 30 black brilliants (0,15 carats), 18 emeralds (0,05 carats), 3 black agate

    Back panel coated with white Double Electroplating technique

    Shock-resistant composite coral

    Side panel of the case with unique model number

    Limited edition - 99 models

    Manual engraving of lines from S.Baudelaire's poems «La Prière d’un païen» («The pray of pagans»)


What is in the box

image Luxury wooden lacquered case. Finishing material - "Black velvet".

The case includes:

  • Your Apple iPhone Caviar iPhone X
  • Authenticity certificate.
  • USB cable, charger.
  • Stereo set.
  • Warranty certificate.

Product information

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    Base Model and Dimensions:

    Apple iPhone X Space Gray, 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm, 174 g, protection class IP67 acc. to IEC 60529 standard
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    Operating system:

    iOS 11 with new functions and options;
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    A11 Bionic with 64-bit architecture, neural system, movement co-processor М11;
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    5,8" display Super Retina HD, OLED Multi Touch, HDR, 2436×1125 pix, 458 pix/inch, brightness up to 625 cd/m², 3D Touch;