X-Edition White Gold

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The black color accompanied by the shine of steel becomes especially expressive and elegant; the canonical contrast shows its whole depth, whole elegance and power of black in the brightest way. This is why we combined the black onyx, black alligator leather and elements covered with white gold and got an absolutely stylish and totally “timeless” design that will never lose its relevance and pertinence.

The phone’s appearance is subject to the strict geometry and well-thought order of forms and materials, which is why it looks strict and significant, showy and noble. It can be compared with the best samples of elegance – a perfectly tailored black suite, a marvelous high-price car shining with black glance, a flawless body of an expensive mechanical watch with exquisitely stretched steel hands. The choice of associations is yours, and our business is the creation of luxurious smartphones though.

A literally sparkling addition to the image of a modern and successful businessman.


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    Caviar crown. Double gold covering according to the technology Double Electroplated (999 gold content, 7 micro
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    Back panel:

    Black carbon. Composite onyx with pattern engraving.
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    Body and buttons:

    Anodized covering, engraving of a unique phone number.
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    Manual engraving. Double covering with white gold according to the technology Double Electroplated (999 gold content, 7 microns).

What is in the box

Product information

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    150.9*75.7*8.3 mm
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    OS and Processor:

    iOS, A12 Bionic
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    6.1"/1792x828 px, IPS, Liquid Retina HD
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    12 Mpx, Optical image stabilization, Wide-angle lens, Zoom — x5, Video quality: 3840x2160 px (4K). Frontal camera: 7 Mpx
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    Wi-fi, 2G/3G/4G(LTE), NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, ГЛОНАСС
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    Key features:

    Apple Pay, Face ID, Frameless Display
$4 250