Chocolate iPhone 15 Pro Max by Caviar

Take a bite

Caviar presents the iPhone 15 Pro Max: an exclusive New Year masterpiece made of chocolate and gold. It will be the perfect gift for those who appreciate originality.


Willy Wonka, the eccentric chocolatier from the British novel ’Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,’ gained cult status with its film adaptation in 1971. In December 2023, a solo project about Wonka is set to be released, sparking a trend in sweets. Cartier, Xbox, and other brands are creating chocolate-themed products, while global celebrities showcase candy-shaped jewelry on red carpets.

Luxury meets sweetness

A unique design crafted from exquisite chocolate and edible 23K gold. Every detail of this phone is a work of art. It is based on the Maze model from the Golden Collection.

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Unforgettable New Year Symbol

May this iPhone not only satisfy your taste but also fill you with a festive atmosphere and the magic of the New Year.

This gold tastes perfect

Food-grade gold, known as additive E175, is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and neutral, meaning it does not undergo chemical reactions, alter blood composition, or affect digestion.


E175 is made from edible gold, consisting of 96% gold and 4% silver, necessary for stabilizing the structure.

The harmonious flavor of almond cookies with delicate creamy notes. Only the best cocoa beans – up to 68% in the product composition. A lingering spicy aftertaste for 30 seconds after full unveiling. An organic product with a natural composition.

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Caviar will bring any of your ideas to life. Chocolate shaped like an iPhone or a custom iPhone indistinguishable from a chocolate bar: the atelier crafts true works of art and luxury using premium materials such as 24-karat gold, diamonds, crocodile leather, and even meteorite.

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Chocolate iPhone 15 Pro Max by Caviar

1100 $