iPhone 14 Pro Supercar Blondie by Caviar

Supercar Blondie

Alex Hirschi is an Australia social media celebrity, presenter and content creator based in Dubai. Alex founded Supercar Blondie in 2015 due to her absolute obsession with supercars.

She was originally a broadcast journalist based in Dubai and hosted a drive time radio talk show for over four years before launching her own business. Supercar Blondie has grown into a team of over 30 people and produces content that is featured on all social media platforms to an audience over 90 million globally.

Today, Supercar Blondie is now a fully fledged media publisher, creating content across cars, tech, gaming, lifestyle and luxury travel to an audience of over 600M monthly.

Source of Inspiration

We based our idea on Supercar Blondie’s main topic.
The majority of her reviews feature futuristic supercars and technological concepts.

Conceptual Idea

We were searching for a universal sollution.
To showcase a high-tech design and capture the automotive theme.


Lightweight and durable. An iPhone body made of titanium is the ultimate choice for those who embrace risk-taking. For Supercar Blondie.


Power of carbon is two things at once. It strength meets lighweight perfection in top supercars.

Concept 01

Concept 02

Concept 03

Concept 04

Concept 05

Concept 06

Concept 07

Concept 08

Final result

Maximally packed and ready to go

Design. Materials. Illumination. Musical accompaniment.

Packed documents

Paper messages and technical documents are packaged in a branded envelope made of designer cardboard.

Designed to the smallest details.

We will package the configuration of your ideas, taking into account even the smallest nuances.