Caviar Atelier is celebrating 12 years of successful work in the field of technological luxury. In April 2011, the first custom iPhone was released, handcrafted by our master craftsmen according to the bold concept of our designers. On that day, creative ideas and bright innovations came together to surprise the luxury customization market.

The Caviar brand has undergone a unique path of development and gained the clients’ trust all over the world. Among the possessors of our precious products are presidents, representatives of royal families, and holders of assets of the largest companies from 68 countries. Currently, there are more than 13,567 business and elite representatives from all parts of the world.

Caviar experts create relevant meanings, exclusive pieces of art, and non-standard technological solutions. The brand remains a bright trendsetter in the market of smart luxury and elite gifts. As a result, the product has become associated with the high status and life success of buyers.

The impressive history of Caviar's achievements became possible thanks to the secrets of design art and impeccable jewelry craftsmanship. We decorated the phone with magnificent diamonds from the Graff necklace, "complicated" the latest iPhone with the cult Rolex watch, and built a tourbillon watch mechanism into the smartphone case, assembled according to a private order.

Today, Caviar's jewelry device and accessory boutiques are located over 7,000 kilometers, including our exclusive branch in Dubai. This is the success we have strived for and achieved over the years.

In honor of Caviar's anniversary, we have decided to give exclusive gifts to each client. Find out what we have prepared for you.

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