The Russian brand Caviar was the first to launch the campaign to sell modified iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.

The presentation of new Apple products is planned for early September. However, Caviar, famous for their luxurious personalization of smartphones, has already begun to get pre-orders of personalization of iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max

In late July, Caviar introduced their own design development of the most expected smartphone in 2020. In the body modding, the company uses high-class materials: gold and silver of the highest content, precious stones, exotic leather kinds, tempered titanium and car carbon. Caviar is going to sell the new model of iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max with a complete set of accessories: power supply for charge, charge wire, and headphones.

In their premier collection, Caviar will introduce 12 designs: from a strict and laconic model with black leather to a completely gold smartphone with artistic engraving and diamond encrusting.

For those clients who will not find a perfect design among the models introduced on the website, there is Caviar Atelier where you are welcome to order a customized model according to your individual design.

“Our team and loyal clients of the brand are looking forward to the issue of a new iPhone model every year. The premier collection Victory preserved the recognizable Caviar designer’s style. At the same time, we found new forms and materials for the most demanding customers”, the brand’s representatives comment.