Black gloss and dazzling gold. This is haow Caviar designers see a high-tech luxury vehicle.

The electric car is presented in black with gold decorative elements. The radiator grille, elements of the rear and front bumpers, side skirts, discs and rear-view mirrors are covered with 24k gold of the highest standard in the Double Electroplated technique.

A striking design detail is the eye-catching Caviar gold crown located on the bonnet and rear bumper. Under the right rear light there is a sign showing the number pieces in the limited edition - 01/99.

The collection of designs inspired by the Tesla Model S includes two iPhone 12 Pros. The models are made from hardened titanium used in the aerospace industry. The details of the smartphones echo the smooth outlines of the electric car created by Elon Musk.

Accessories are made in black and gold colors by PVD-coating of individual elements of the case. The smartphones are presented in limited edition - 99 pieces each.

The iPhone designs cost starts from $6150.

The Model Excellence costs $299 000 for Plaid variant.