he Russian brand, engaged in luxury smartphones and accessories production, introduced a new design of a customized iPad Pro within Cyberpunk style (cyberpunk).

Being one of the most popular themes, Cyberpunk inspires designers worldwide to create Sci-Fi style products. Russian company Caviar, famous in the luxury gadget customization world of, introduced its cyber novelty based on the high-tech iPad Pro.

Previously, brand provided several Cyberpunk-themed designs: foldable iPhone Z concepts, flexible Overphone, the fire, water and frost resistant Kevlar iPhone 11 Pro. Later there were made multiple prototypes and modified iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone designs line in Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck style was launched.

Then Caviar designers turned to the popular multiplatform games theme. When creating a novelty, the artists were inspired by the images of Deus Ex, Mirror's Edge, Blade Runner and the most anticipated release of the year - Cyberpunk 2077.

Caviar Cyberpad is made of high-tech materials, including hardened titanium with a yellow PVD coating and black carbon fiber. The gadget appearance echoes the popular Sci-Fi theme: man-made shapes, geometric lines, bright color accents.

«Being on the cutting edge, feeling current trends, inspiring and being inspired are important postulates of the modern rhythm of life. Lots of people joke that the world around is the birth of the cyberpunk, being written by Gibson and Sterling. Today we are searching for new forms and rethinking familiar things in order to create an actual product with a solid background. Caviar Cyberpad is the next step towards creating a unique, incomparable design in Caviar style», the company's press service representatives said.

Price for iPad Pro 11 1Tb version – $7 647

Price for iPad Pro 11 1Tb version – $8 107