International luxury brand Caviar presented a new addition to the Desperado collection of smartphones and accessories. The series is inspired by the subculture of Latin American street gangs. The custom designs are decorated with Calavera skulls, decorative blades, chains, and even pistols, including Pablo Escobar's favorite Colt M 1911.

Caviar has been designing luxury versions of modern Apple and Samsung devices for 12 years. Last year, the company impressed its fans with the Desperado collection. Custom devices and accessories in the series were decorated in Latin American themes with volumetric depictions of brass knuckles and daggers, as well as patterns used in bandanas of Mexican and Colombian street gangs.

In the winter update, the designers went further and placed a 3D replica of the Colt M 1911 on the iPhone 14 Pro. The new release includes a smartphone with a butterfly knife, pendants in the form of silver and gold bullets, and headphones and sneakers in the Latin American style. Of course, all elements do not have sharp or cutting edges and are used only for decorative purposes. Almost all new devices are decorated with Calavera skulls. They are believed to bring good luck in risky business.

The flagship model of the collection is called Notorious. A black titanium case with a pattern in the style of street gangs is adorned with a decorative gold Colt M 1911. This pistol model was chosen due to its extreme popularity among the gangs of Latin America. It is no coincidence that the infamous drug lord and terrorist Pablo Escobar did not part with his Colt until the very end and used it in his last gunfight. Today, the favorite pistol of the cocaine king is kept on display in the museum of the National Police in Bogota.

Cruel is the second smartphone with a bas-relief of a pistol on the body. Caviar craftsmen used aviation titanium and marble carbon to create this piece.

This is not the only titanium “weapon” in the new release. The Blade Black Edition is an updated version of last year's Blade featuring a black blade.

The collection will also include new accessories, jewelry, and even custom Nike Airforce 1. All models strike with dangerous decor in the form of skulls and chains. And the jewelry pendant in the form of a golden bullet has the inscription "Plata o Plomo" - a gloomy motto that means "negotiate or get shot".

Prices for the updated collection of “gangster smartphones” and accessories start from USD 600 for chain with a silver Plata o Plomo bullet. Smartphones will cost at least USD 6,500 for the iPhone 14 Pro Cruel 128 GB.

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