Luxury smartphone and accessory brand Caviar introduced a new collection of customized Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4s - Heralds of the Galaxy. The flagships of the collection are the "Canyon Diablo" and "Golden Meteor" models in a meteorite body.

Caviar is known for its colorful designs and original ideas in the luxury modding of smartphones and accessories. This time, the brand's artists redesigned Samsung's new Galaxy Z Fold 4 smartphones.

Creating unique works from the best technological achievements of our time is Caviar's credo. The new designs use unique combinations of luxurious, rare materials and high-tech components. Each model of the new customization collection is presented in a limited edition.

The flagship model of the collection based on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is named "Canyon Diablo" in honor of the largest crater from a meteorite fall on Earth, located in Arizona, USA. Diablo Canyon is now a rich source of extraterrestrial metal for collectors. The model is presented in a stylish and elegant black finish. The titanium body of the model includes inserts the Seimchan, Muonionalusta and the Canyon Diablo meteorite.

Another customization of Samsung's high-tech novelty was called "Golden Meteor". Its body is also made of meteorite and decorated with 24-carat gold. While NASA is making plans to mine gold from meteorites and asteroids, you can already own an extraterrestrial material with gold elements in combination with the most relevant and premium smartphone to date - the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

The new collection is called "The Heralds of the Galaxy.

"The entire Samsung flagship series is called Galaxy, so we came up with the idea to make a limited edition collection of phones using extraterrestrial materials. It's nice to hold a phone that came from another part of the Galaxy," says Caviar founder Sergey Kitov. "The Fold line was probably the most high-profile innovation in the market in recent years, a milestone and example for other brands. We think it will be great if the new Folds become the Heralds of the Galaxy.

The "meteorite" Fold series will be limited to 29 pieces. The Canyon Diablo will cost $10420, the Golden Meteor will go for $10750


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