The international brand of premium smartphones and accessories Caviar rethought all the colors of the iPhone 14 Pro in their new line Unity. The most expensive smartphone encrusted with iron meteor costs nearly 10 thousand dollars.

Caviar is a luxury brand specializing in premium smartphone modifications and top-notch accessories. Caviar’s designers and jewelers work days and nights to surprise you with precious novelties. This time they decided to celebrate the release of the new iPhone 14 Pro flagship line and rethink all its colors – Space Black, Silver, Gold, and Deep Purple - in their interpretation.

Meet the new fabulous customization of the iPhone 14 Pro, called Unity. Caviar’s experts procured the rarest materials, including fragments of the authentic meteorite Muonionalusta – one of the most ancient known to science (4.5653 ± 0.0001 billion years). Unity fully reflects the company’s credo: bring advanced technologies and luxury design together. Each smartphone in this series has a unique pattern with vertical lines pointing upwards that demonstrate the objective of the company and its admirers to strive for perfection.

The most striking model of the collection – Deeper Purple – is a redesign of the new iPhone 14 Pro by Caviar. The deep purple color of the smartphone is reinforced by black carbon inserts that are often used in the decoration of premium sports cars. Its unique style combines truly royal luxury with a discreet look. Deeper Purple by Caviar is an ode to the purple color that elevates the concept of iPhone design to the absolute.

For ardent fans of black color, a smartphone based on the Space Black body was created. In the Caviar version, this model acquired a truly cosmic design, therefore, it was called Black Meteorite. Along with leather, titanium, and gold plating, the Black Meteorite is inset with solid meteor plates. Each of them has its unique pattern that was forming in outer space for millions of years. An even more luxurious version of the cosmic iPhone with the use of gold coating is Golden Meteorite, which received the status of the most expensive smartphone in the Unity line.

Another splendid design in the Unity collection is called Purple Gold, because Caviar artists recreated the color effect of a very rare kind of gold – purple. This was achieved by combining a 24-carat gold coating, natural python leather in purple, and titanium with purple coating. It can be referred to as a bright and luxurious version of the base iPhone 14 Pro with a golden body.

And for those who prefer moderation in everything, we have Dark Silver - a practical smartphone with titanium inserts based on the silver iPhone 14 Pro.

The prices of the Unity smartphones range from 7470 dollars for Dark Silver 128Gb to 9700 dollars for the most expensive modification – the iPhone 14 Pro Max Golden Meteorite 1Tb.

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