Power Mall is one of the largest electronics retailers in Thailand. To stimulate sales during the late 2023 it is holding Power Mall Electronica Showcase till October, 31. The highlight of the trade show is the display case owned by the Thai businessman, Songpol Boonlapo, the owner of technological luxury empire of Boonlapo in Thailand.

«Boonlapo Co, Ltd is the only official importer and distributor of Caviar in Thailand. It is the first international brand that has achieved such a high level of jewelry customization of smartphones and accessories. We are glad to show the true marvels in the field of tech luxury» – said Boonlapo in the official speech before the opening of Caviar boutique in Bangkok.

The products presented include the best models from the latest Caviar collections. The smartphone with the built-in Rolex mechanism – iPhone Daytona. Also, the guests’ attention was attracted by the game console, covered with 24 karat gold and iPhone Crystal Snowflake covered with 511 Swarovski crystals.

Adding the artistry of Caviar's craftsmen to the brilliance of Rolex, the iPhone 14 Pro Max adorned with a Rolex Daytona (Ref: 116518LN – 0078) becomes a true work of art. Aesthetically stunning, this masterpiece embodies the spirit of high-performance luxury, bringing together two iconic brands in perfect harmony.

It took 1,5 months to craft the very first iPhone 14 Pro Max with a built-in Rolex Daytona to show the world that no engineering ideas are impossible. However, the integration of the Rolex watch into the iPhone is just one facet of the overall artistic composition.

The prices for Caviar phones start from $ 6.000, the most expensive is Diamond Snowflake as the price for it starts with 564 060. The most interesting models will be showcased at Power Mall Electronica Showcase till October, 31.