Canadian video blogger with a multimillion audience, Unbox Therapy, famous for reviews on gadgets and their unpacking on YouTube, shared his impressions about the custom smartphone Knuckle. The video was posted in the Shorts section and the influencer’s accounts in social networks last week.

In the recording Unbox Therapy opens the box and takes out the iPhone 14 Pro in jewelry design by Caviar. The brand has been advancing in the field of luxury customization of phones and accessories for many years. In the hands of the blogger there is the most popular model of 2022 from the «gangster» collection Desperado.

Knuckle surprises by the stylish design in the Latin American style. One commentator burst into admiration: «This is what a luxury phone design actually should be». Unbox Therapy emphasized that the case of the model is entirely made of aviation titanium with PVD coating. Usually, it is used in the production of expensive Swiss watches. The phone body is inlaid with a decorative brass knuckle covered with 24-karat gold.

The video received hundreds of thousands of views in a few hours. Unbox Therapy fans not only expressed their excitement. They had a whole debate over the luxury packaging by Caviar, in which, in addition to a luxury phone and a whole set of accessories, there was a jewelry pin opening a SIM card slot. It is made in the form of a beluga fish – one of the brand symbols. Caviar delighted people with their impressive attention to each detail.

Desperado Knuckle has become a Canadian YouTube hit. Unbox Therapy is already added to the list of regular customers of the luxury company and will continue to release reviews of Caviar’s new products.


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