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Apple 1, the first computer of the future global giant and innovator in digital industry, inspired the designers of Caviar to create a unique gadget Caviar iPhone 12 PRO Apple 1.

An element of the first PC in the world is incorporated into a wooden case with a glossy titaniuim screen, resembling the original design of Apple 1. You are holding a part of a historical moment!

Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Classic is going to become a unique accessory for all Apple fans and rarity admirers.

By purchasing the Caviar iPhone 12 PRO Apple 1 you are becoming the owner of a rare item – a part of the first computer by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple 1.

Limited edition – 9 copies.


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    Exclusive fragment

    A fragment of the circuitry of the first personal computer in the world - Apple 1
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    Back panel

    Wood resembling the original structure and design of the Apple computer
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    Glossy titanium miniature monitor and keyboard buttons that make up the word "Computer"
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    Apple lettering in the style of the first personal computer


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$10 220
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